Sean Mata – Founder/Coach

Sean found CrossFit in November of 2011 while working as a trainer at a health club in downtown Houston. Within three months, he earned his CF Level 1 certification, began coaching and competed in local competitions, he was hooked! With his passion for health and fitness along with the desire of a faithful community, Sean founded Covenant CF in December 2012.

In 2014 Sean qualified and competed in the South Central Regional as an individual. Aside from his love for competition and sport, Sean throughly enjoys engaging with the community on and off the floor. Covenant CF is Sean’s number one priority and his dedication in creating a healthier lifestyle among Houstonians remains his mission. Along with improving his skills as a coach/trainer, Sean continues to pursue more knowledge through more CF specialty courses.

If Sean is not in the gym you can find him traveling to the mountains, skating with Juice (his Weimaraner/best friend), or doing something fun. That’s his method…”only fun stuff.”


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CrossFit Gymanstics

Attendee of Ben Bergeron’s “Business of Excellence” Seminar


Trey Mays – Coach

Trey found CrossFit in August 2014 in search of new ways to stay active. He played basketball at a collegiate level for 4 years so CrossFit was a natural transition from a competitive standpoint. Although he is competitive with others he is committed to pushing himself beyond his limits, everyday.

Trey enjoys various competitions around the Texas area. It might seem like competition is what attracted Trey to CrossFit but in fact the community is what convinced him to make this a lifestyle. He enjoys to see people from different backgrounds help each other to achieve one common goal….becoming fit. His number one goal is to contribute to an atmosphere that encourages others to live happier, healthier lives, one day at a time.

If Trey is not in the gym you can find him playing basketball, watching movies, or volunteering somewhere.


Crossfit Level 1


Alex Sada – Coach

Alex is a native Houstonian growing up in Pasadena, Sharpstown, and Katy. Hopping around from these very different parts of town really had a great impact on who he is today. What has had the greatest impact on his life? Faith, Family, Friends and Fitness.

He grew up playing sports, a lot of sports. Soccer, basketball, football, running and body building. He ran Track, Cross-Country and played Soccer in High School. He was a bit of a gym rat before he finally opened his eyes and found Crossfit. He found Crossfit back in 2011 when one of his friends invited him to try a workout at Crossfit Houston. His introduction quickly turned into what he knew would be the sport and community for him. Although his immediate love for the sport he decided to take some time to really focus on building his Olympic Weightlifting foundation and strength. It wasn’t until two years later in 2013 that he found Covenant CF and hasn’t left since. Now as a coach Alex continues to spread the dedication, knowledge, discipline, and hard work of the sport to all of the members at Covenant and the rest of the Crossfit community. “You have to have fun and love the grind of the sport. Through the ups and downs just remember that if you don’t quit, you’re always getting better, faster, and stronger than you were yesterday”

Outside of the gym Alex enjoys to travel, savor tasty food, jam music, and spend time with close friends.


Crossfit Level 1


Adrianne Meengs – Coach

Competition has always been a huge part of Adrianne’s life. She loved playing volleyball and basketball at Lamar University, but after entering the working world she faced an identity crisis not being labeled as an “athlete” for the first time in her life.  Struggling with the freedom of adulthood, she failed to eat healthy and work out consistently, quickly becoming unhealthy and unhappy. Thankfully, she stumbled into CCF in January of 2013 and never looked back. She holds Covenant and all of its members very close to her heart.  CCF has been and continues to be a sanctuary for her in countless ways.

In September of 2015, she decided to take the next step in her CrossFit journey and completed the Level 1 Certification to begin coaching.  Adrianne looks forward to sharing her passion for the sport and positive energy with each member on a daily basis.  She is a strong believer in focusing on the fundamentals of the foundational movements, and is constantly learning and reviewing them in order to help each member reach their potential.  And although sometimes her jokes fall flat on the floor, she tries to use her humor to make others smile.

If you don’t see Adrianne at Saturday open gym working on her weaknesses, she is probably staying active enjoying one of her other passions: off-roading in her jeep, boating with family, or rooting for a Houston sports team with friends.


CrossFit Level 1

Attendee of “Franklin Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” workshop