Why Covenant

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Covenant Covenant CrossFit strives to inspire people, make them proud to be a part of Covenant and build loyalty through integrity by staying true to our Vision and Mission. It’s a coaching facility limited to small groups of people to ensure attention from their coach during every workout. We offer group training, utilizing the CrossFit method to share a vision of a healthier lifestyle. As a community we intend on creating a bond with fitness to accomplish our dreams and lifelong goals. We are dedicated to you.


Be the model CrossFit gym in the nation across all aspects: Community, Safety, Respect, and Training

Mission Statement

We will provide unparalleled training in a safe and welcoming environment to build a solid foundation of health through the strongest Community. Everyday, through our actions, demonstrate our desire to be the best. That’s Covenant. That’s CrossFit.


Community: Covenant CrossFit is a group of individuals who bind themselves together through health and wellness, in an agreement to build a fit community. Therefore we all represent each other by individually bringing something special to the table that makes us stronger. Be a part of something bigger than yourself! Together we show up to withstand any physical or mental barriers that get in the way of our purpose.

Safety: In the sport of fitness, safety is our number one priority. We understand that in order to build a relationship with our team we need to set control factors to maintain the safety of all our athletes. This includes proper use of the equipment, educated training personnel, a well-suited gym model, regular cleanliness, and appropriate financial support. Training methods are scalable to ensure everyone’s safety for a good experience to the benefits of what CrossFit offers. It is our goal to make you comfortable during the not so comfortable.

Respect: We promise to offer a professional environment outlined with respect, dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We strive to reach everyone’s respect. You don’t have to be the best. All you have to do is give YOUR best day in and day out. That’s respect!

Training: CrossFit workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. This means you will be performing everyday activities such as: pulling, pushing, jumping, squatting, lifting, running, moving your body the way it’s meant to move. We promise to avoid boredom by rarely ever repeating the same workout in an entire year. Each workout is scalable so you are always challenged no matter where your fitness level stands. Our aim is to improve YOU!

Confidence. Lifestyle. Attitude.